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Welcome to Eventz by Scott located in Jamestown, New York. I am Scott Mekus, owner and certified event planner.

Since I was young, I always seemed to have a knack for details, organization and creativity according to several friends and family in my life. I guess it came from my mother who also has these admirable qualities. I’m not sure if this was always considered a strength or not – but I can definitely say it has helped me throughout the years.

After several years of working full-time at the Atlanta, GA and Jamestown Area YMCAs and hearing “You should be an event planner” – I finally decided to take an event planning course in 2010. I knew that I was headed in the right direction after receiving my final grade of “A” and my event planner certification.

I started Eventz by Scott, a full-service event planning business, the following year with the tagline – “The WOW without the worry!” The tagline was a creation during a brainstorming session with my great friend Roxanne Wendling!

I offer special events for all occasions. My services include parties (birthday, anniversary, surprise, etc), weddings, carnivals, fund raisers, corporate events/picnics, vendor coordination (entertainment, catering, DJ services), children’s events, inflatable rentals, household/estate sales, themed/holiday events, on-site decorating, gift basket deliveries, scavenger hunts, face painting and other special events. I also am the director of The Haunting at the Mall (haunted house) at Chautauqua Mall in Lakewood for the past five years.

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With Eventz by Scott, you can guarantee your special occasion will be professionally organized & flawlessly coordinated.

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